China writes to RS MP Sujeet Kumar over Taiwan

Liu Bing, Counsellor (Parliament), Chinese Embassy in New Delhi writes to Sujeet Kumar

TNI Bureau: A day after he attended the Founding Ceremony of the Formosa Club, an Indo-Pacific transnational interparliamentary platform and batted for the strong ties and cooperation between Taiwan and Indo-Pacific Nations, Liu Bing, Counsellor (Parliament), Chinese Embassy in New Delhi, wrote a letter to him, seeking withdrawal from the Club, calling it against the ‘One-China’ Policy.

“Your attendance is utterly contrary to the one-China principle to which the Indian Government has pledged to adhere, and hence must be corrected,” wrote Liu Bing while terming the Formosa Club an “illegal assembly”.

“China will continue to promote peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and China’s reunification, and on the other hand, China firmly opposes any official exchanges in any form between Taiwan Province and a country having diplomatic relations with China,” he further added.

Liu Bing also tried to impress upon Sujeet Kumar saying China continues to support India during the Covid crisis and Oxygen Emergency.

The Founding Ceremony of the Formosa Club was attended by MPs and Representatives from 17 Countries including Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Fiji. From India, Sujeet Kumar was the lone representative. Sujeet has been opposing China’s ruthless anti-India policy for long and supported Tibet and Taiwan on various issues. Thus, China has kept a close watch on him.

While delivering the speech at the event, Sujeet said, “Taiwan and the Indo-pacific nations share common values such as Democracy, Human Rights and the rule of Law. I am absolutely sure that the latest chapter of the Formosa Club will be helpful in strengthening Taiwan’s relationship and friendship with rest of Indo-Pacific. It shall also, I hope, expand Taiwan’s international participation.”

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He hailed Taiwan’s efforts in Covid Management, saying “Taiwan is a proud Democracy and always stood by Humanity in its time of need. We have seen it now during the current Covid-19 crisis, as well”.

Expressing grave concern over the World Health Assembly’s unfair treatment of Taiwan, he called upon the international community to support Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly (WHA), and to underscore the importance of peace and stability across Taiwan Strait.

“I firmly believe that the Formosa Club will advance co-operation and links between Taiwan and Indo-Pacific in the post pandemic era, and lead to regional prosperity, sustainable development, based on the shared values of cross-border mutual assistance,” he had said.

The Formosa Club has been formed to address the severe challenges faced by the humanity including climate change, economic disparity and global turmoil and insecurity, impact of Covid-19 pandemic on global economy as well as people’s lives and financial wellbeing and cross-border mutual assistance on various issues.

The Formosa Club platform aims to advance cross-border exchanges between Indo-Pacific nations and Taiwan in different fields such as commerce and trade, public health and medicine, tourism and culture etc.

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