Chhattisgarh Naxal Attack: Unfortunately, It was a Trap!

Our Security Forces were led to the trap laid for them


TNI Bureau: Madvi Hidma, the dreaded Naxal who is also the most wanted Maoist leader in the country, was the mastermind behind the Chhattisgarh Naxal Attack, which left 22 Jawans dead. It was not just an intelligence failure, but also a trap laid by the Maoists into which our Jawans walked leading to heavy loss.

The Security Forces had launched their operations to nab Madvi Hidma, based on the intelligence inputs. Unfortunately, those inputs were part of a bigger conspiracy to trap the jawans. Hidma misled the intelligence sleuths using his own network. The input was false, there was no doubt. The command and control were missing in this case. It’s unfortunate, but seems true.

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The ambush was planned well in advance. The blood-thirsty Maoists waited for the jawans, attacked them from 3 sides, killed and injured them and finally left with their weapons.

It’s not easy to digest the loss. It’s not clear how many Naxals died in the encounter. There is no trace of their bodies. We believe the official version that dead and injured naxals were taken away in tractors. But, that’s inconsequential. What matters today, is the trap laid by the Naxals was successful and we lost our bravehearts. How the security forces were led to the trap, remains a mystery. A lot of questions remain unanswered.

Neither Demonetisation nor the ‘strong leadership’ of India could end the red terror. And, this is the reality. We will seek revenge, condemn the attack and then forget everything till another attack. Families of the Veer Jawans will continue to suffer…

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