Battle for 2014: Congress laughs at Divided Opposition


TNI Bureau: The Congress never gives up. After ruling this country for over 50 years, they know the pulse of the nation and all political parties better than anyone else. Once they come to power, it’s too difficult to dislodge them. Their veteran and experienced leaders know how to twist the things in their favour.

Forget about CWG, Adarsh, 2G, Coalgate etc. Congress has successfully warded off all challenges even if people of the country are against us. Congress knows it could win less seats in 2014, but it banks on other political parties, which are capable of winning good number of seats. Congress remained unfazed even after Mamata Banerjee’s pullout.

By ensuring a political isolation for the BJP on the issues of communalism and secularism, Congress has won the support of the Samajwadi Party, BSP and RJD. The party knows that these parties along with many others won’t have any option but to choose Congress if they have to choose between it and the BJP. So, the party will smile all the way as long as BJP remains “untouchable” on the political arena.

Even if Congress is rejected by the masses and win just 130-140 seats out of 545 in the 2014 elections, it could still form the government, by claiming the support of other political parties, as hardly any party would want to go with the BJP. It would be misfortune of the country to see a party grab the power without the massive mandate from the people. But, it’s imminent and nobody can deny the truth.

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During the ‘Bharat Bandh’ on September 20, there was a tussle between the BJP and Mulayam to take the lead. Instead of coming together on real issues, they tried to outwit each other, signaling at a divided opposition. When BJP leaders came closer to Left and TDP, thanks to efforts from Sharad Yadav, Mulayam was quick to snatch them away from the saffron party. And, Congress wants it desperately.

Congress wants Mulayam to grow and lead a conglomerate of political parties, who are not associated with the two major national parties – Congress and BJP. Whenever needed, Mulayam can step in to bail out the Congress with the support of his ‘Third Front’. And, they would give an argument that they backed the Congress to keep “communal” BJP out of power. The corruption and scams won’t hold any importance at that time. They won’t bother about the wishes of common people anymore.

While Congress sees a great ally in Mulayam, who himself aspires to be the Prime Minister of the country, it has more reasons to smile to see Team Anna collapsing on its own. The split between Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal has strengthened the Congress further, while Kejriwal’s move to form a political party will hurt the BJP more.

If we gauge the public mood, we may see the rise of anti-Congress sentiments across the country. But when it comes to politics and parties, Congress has nothing to worry about. Even if it wins just 100-120 seats in next elections, it can still hope to form the government at the Centre by playing the “secularism” card.

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    Perfectly written and every single word is true. I think British rule was better than this.

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