An Exclusive Interview with Actress Prakruti Mishra


By Chinmayee Dash/Pinka Ghosh: Prakruti Mishra, who gained popularity through Smruti character in the Odia TV serial ‘Tulasi’, is the new teenage heartthrob in Ollywood after her film THOOKOOL became a smashing hit this year. Her smile and enchanting look have created a unique place for her in the industry. The youngsters hold their breath for a while when she walks across and looks at them. Her contemporary actresses would be feeling insecure after her entry as an actress in Ollywood. Prakruti, one of the most talented actresses, is now flying high with her recently released film “Om Sai Ram”.

But her real life is quite simple than the reel and glamour life. She is simple, down-to-earth and friendly. Here is an exclusive interview with Prakruti:

TNI: From child artist to leading actress in Odia Film Industry, how did you cover your journey? Did you face any trouble in an era where actresses like Barsa and Archita are ruling the industry?

Prakruti:  Since my childhood I have been in the industry, but took a break for two years for study. No, I have not come across any difficult period. Yes, competition is high in the industry. The way actresses like Hansika and Urmila did their journey from child artists to actresses in lead role, and proved their potential in Bollywood, I am happy to establish myself in the same manner. Now I have come out of the image of child actor. I cannot be compared with Archita or Barsa as they are the leading actresses. The actresses like me are the future of the industry. I am very lucky that the filmmaker like Prashant Nanda gave me a break in his film. Let’s see what happens.

TNI: You are the daughter of great Music Director Manmath Mishra. Even you are a very good classical singer and dancer. But what motivated you to enter the Ollywood instead of pursuing your career in other fields like singing and dancing?

Prakruti: I have been brought up by watching movies, and hearing music. I get very excited when I see some ads, heroines doing their make ups, the way they used to handle their personalities. Mostly the glamour part of the industry attracted me a lot to be in this line. When I see Aishwarya, I dream to be like her. I have done PG in Odissi dance. My father is in the industry since last 30 years. Now I am in this industry and profession for the last 15 years.

TNI: Did your parents support you when you moved to films?

Prakruti: Yes, they have stood behind me. Every time they have inspired me to take horse riding, to learn acting. My parents are very cool and friendly. They have not put any kind of restriction on me. I wish all should get parents like mine.

TNI: You were looking great in Prashant Nanda’s film THOOKOOL and your performance opposite Babusan was also good. Did you feel any change in behaviour of others on the set as earlier they had seen you as a child artist and now Ollywood hottie.

Prakruti: I am lucky to get a chance to work with the film personality like Prashant Nanda. He has given me enough scope to discover my hidden talents. He never treated me as a child actor. As he knew me since my childhood, I was comfortable under his guidance.

TNI: Were you satisfied with your role in THOOKOOL? Did you feel anything was missing in your character?

Prakruti: Yes, I was completely satisfied with my role. Nothing was missing. It was very happy to work with Prashant Nanda.

TNI: You have acted in more than 14 films as a child artist. Your first film was “Sabata Maa” when you were only 6 years old. Did you feel nervous on the set when you first faced camera?

Prakruti: ‘Sabata Maa’ was my first film, but I was never nervous on the set. I was nervous while shooting for THOOKOOL as I was playing a role of a 21-year-old girl at the age of 16. I was thinking how I would get into character, but the entire unit made me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed a lot.

TNI: Which is your ideal character that you want to play in future?

Prakruti: I would like to play the characters like Chandramukhi or Paro and the challenging character that Priyanka Chopra had played in “Fashion”.

TNI: You gained much popularity through your character Smruti in TV soap ‘Tulasi’. What was your experience on the set? You were playing a child actor in that serial. How much comfortable you were while playing that role when you were in school?

Prakruti: Well, I had to do no hard work for that serial, as I was meeting the unit every day. I was doing that for fun as I was a kid at that time. I was very much comfortable as the story was going through my track.

TNI: Will you be interested to switch to Hindi TV serial if you get an offer?

Prakruti: Yeah, of course. Let me tell you that I have already done a Hindi serial “Pehla Kadam”. I will also appear in ITC’s ad, but that is under process.

TNI: Oh that’s great to know. You have already stepped into Hindi entertainment industry. I heard you were also doing modeling. Have you ever got an opportunity to contest the beauty pageant?

Prakruti: Well, I am not a professional model. But I have interest in that. I have won 3 crowns as Little Miss Kalinga, Miss Bhubaneswar and Miss Cuttack at the age of 6. I was the first runners-up in a beauty contest at 17.

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TNI: We have seen many actresses coming from modeling background. Do you think an artist needs to do modeling before entering the films?

Prakruti: No, not necessarily that an artist should be from modeling background. It is not mandatory in the industry. There is no relation between modeling and acting. Once you enter to the character, the beautiful figure is not required.

TNI: Who is your favourite actor?

Prakruti: In Bollywood, Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor. In Ollywood, Sidhant and Anubhav.

TNI: If you get a chance to go on a dating with Shahid?

Prakruti: Oh sure! I am mad about Shahid. If get a chance to see him for 5 minutes, that would be a great thing for me.

TNI: Who is your favourite actress?

Prakruti: Aishwarya, Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri and now Parineeti. In Ollywood, Anu Chaudhury, Barsa and Aparajita.

TNI: What you would be if not an actress?

Prakruti: Hmm a badminton player or a swimmer (smiles). I was selected for the national level match in badminton, but I could not continue due to busy shooting schedule.

TNI: How Prakruti will define as a woman apart from an actress?

Prakruti: A girl, who trusts everyone, but gets hurt by many people.

TNI: What are your upcoming films?

Prakruti: Premika.

TNI: Which role you played in Om Sai Ram?

Prakruti: A dominating character opposite Sabyasachi. It is a family drama. I hope people will accept it. But in Premika, my role is like Udandi Sita. I am dominating people in a village. All like me. I am not giving in to injustice.

TNI: Who is your competitor?

Prakruti: Me only. I find myself as my competitor. When I get into any character, I used to discover my flaws and try to move on with a positive hope that I am perfect for the role.

TNI: Prakruti, you have recently posted on your Facebook, “can I know why sum ppl cant see me touching heights???ny ideassssss?” what does it mean? Do you think that people have not accepted you as a successful actress?

Prakruti: (smiles) No nothing like that. I mean some people are there who ditched me, trying to harass me mentally. But I am strong enough to take it as a challenge. I will succeed and prove myself at the end of the day.

TNI: Okay Prakruti, life is full of challenges and we are sure you will overcome all the obstacles. You have a great and bright future ahead. It was a nice and wonderful conversation with you. We, at “The News Insight”, wish you all the best for your upcoming films. Thank you 🙂.

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