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Narendra Modi woos Ex-Servicemen in Rewari Rally


BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, in his first rally after the anointment, addressed a massive gathering of over two lakh at Rewari, Haryana and slammed the Congress-led UPA Government over national security. The rally was organised for Ex-Servicemen, but attended by all sections of the society.

Modi-RewariModi chose Rewari, where Atal Bihari Vajpayee had started his campaign as the PM candidate in 1999 and subsequently won the polls too. Former Army Chief General VK Singh and former Armymen and Athens Olympics silver medalist Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore addressed the rally in favour of Modi. Rathore went on to say that Pakistan won’t dare to cause trouble in Kashmir if Modi rises to power in Delhi. “If Pakistan attacks Kashmir with Modi at the helm, Kashmir will stay, but Pakistan will be vanished,” he roared.

While paying rich tribute to the martyrs from Haryana, Modi tried to woo the youth of the state. “Haryana is the land of 100 martyrs in every war India has fought so far,” he said. He congratulated the scientists for the test-launch of Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile, ‘Agni-V’ today.

Modi talked about his humble background and his inclination and respect towards the armed forces of the country. He revealed that he could not materialize his dream of studying at the Sainik School in Jamnagar because of penury. He cited several examples to draw connection between Haryana and Gujarat.

Narendra Modi warned China and Pakistan and asked them to desist from anti-India manoeuvrings. He further asked Pakistan to fight poverty and hunger and focus on education to get at par with global powers rather than wasting time and energy in terror and aggressive activities, which will lead them nowhere.

Modi was very critical of the Centre’s policy towards the security personnel of the country and accused the government of trying to demoralise the armed forces. “The government in Delhi tried to divide the Army on communal basis by implementing the Sacchar Committee report, which recommended headcount of Hindus and Muslims in the Army. But, thanks to the brave officers, who rose in protest and prevented the government from doing so. The government had committed a sin by trying to communalise the army. Our politicians who resort to vote bank politics and pseudo-secularism, should learn the real definition of secularism from Army,” he said.

Modi asked the countrymen to build a strong leadership at the centre to resolve all their issues. “India can progress only under a strong leadership and a strong army. And, the Ex-Servicemen have many roles to play in the country’s progress and development,” said Modi. He cited how Ex-Armymen were used in Gujarat to prevent power theft and make Gujarat a power-surplus state. Modi also batted for use of Ex-Servicemen in fire-tender service.

The Gujarat strongman urged everyone to enroll in the electoral system of the country and cast their vote to bring changes. He also asked the people to educate others about their voting rights. In the end, he sought iron from every village to build a ‘Statue of Unity’ for Sardar Patel and said the statue will be taller than the world’s tallest statue, ‘Statue of Liberty’.

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