Tips to Win Your EX Back


TNI Bureau: Breakups can be really hard to take. They bring lots of pain and anger. Most of the times you feel helpless and cannot think correctly. This is because you are emotionally very disturbed.

Most of us, wish for winning our lover’s back. But most end up making a mess of the situation.  The fact is, almost 90% of the breakups can be reversed.  Now if you are wondering how it can be possible, then here are the few steps to follow which will help you.



Spend some time and effort to take care of your looks and health. If you take care of yourself well, then automatically people will get attracted towards you and so will your ex.


Self confidence is what you need.  By increasing your self confidence you can easily take your mind off troubles. It shows your ex that you are confident.


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Before approaching your ex, you need to check on your feelings towards your ex. If you’re feeling desperate, then you’re not ready to start talking to your ex. Your attitude should be like that you can like without your ex.


Only if you are ready, start with a simple phone call. The main aim of the phone call is to ask for a small get together.  You just want to be seen by your ex, meet and have some fun together. Try to ignite a light spark again which existed before. Don’t call your ex very often, just one phone call a day is enough. Don’t try to ask your ex to do anything that might be uncomfortable.


Going for lunch is a perfect idea. You must try to relax and focus only on enjoying yourself. If you try to make this date about chopping about your problems, then you’ll be making a big mistake.


If your first meet went well, it does not mean your ex will get easily attracted towards you. Give it a little break for about a week before asking out your ex again. It’s quite possible that your ex will call you up to set something. If that happens then just go and make further plans.

If you got a positive response by your ex then it’s well and good for you.  But somehow if your ex tells you that he or she had fun with you, but is not ready to be in a relationship, just move on. Moving on might seem a hard thing to do, but in some situations it is important to do so to keep yourself happy.

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