Thoughts on 64th Republic Day


By Srikant Mohanty: As India prepares for the 64th Republic day, its citizens get ready to salute the republic that has come of age with unique achievements on various fronts. Over the years, with the snowballing of population and sorts of crisis, the mighty nation has always risen on different occasions to face difficulties as challenges and overcome those with remarkable patience, efforts and persistence.

Although, over a long period of time, corruption, nepotism and specter of terrorism loom large on the horizon, India fights back with unusual calm, setting precedents all over the world in retaining its image in world peace. For instance, the mayhem at Mumbai by the perpetrators from Pakistan that almost jilted the world in the year 2008 proved the nation’s patience in restraining an over-reaction and bringing the culprits to book through democratic ways. Despite the complexities and hindrances, the nation has never veered away from its icon of peace, tolerance and non-violence.

The age heralded by the revolution in electronic media and advances by the internet give the nation a new “sutra” for unity. A flash of breaking news can bring the nation one in a unique stance readying the length and breadth from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in its march for seeking out a solution. When little boy falls in a borewell, the nation rises with exceptional and unprecedented solidarity and prays for the well-being and safe recovery of the child.

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Not only the benevolence for the child stops there but when it comes to help the boy, in a rare gesture of charity, the nation together donates fifty lakhs rupees for the settlement of the child. This hardly finds parallel elsewhere in the world. Take for example in Delhi gangrape and murder, this matured nationhood casts aside its prejudiced thinking against fair-sex and in a united stance demands punishment against the offenders.

Vasudevam Kutumbakam-the entire world is one family is a thought that often gets reflected in every action during a calamity. The social fabric is so intricately woven yet remarkably secular and peaceful in the act of co-existence, which almost makes this nation a subject of study. Be it the onslaught of western civilization or surges of life changing technologies, the fundamentals of living remain intact. Rooted in deep spirituality and wisdom towards beautiful living, India has proven its mettle in adhering to its traditional values and effectively sharing a ride with the modernity”-says Sarala Das- a top executive in one of the leading banks in India.

“What is exceptional about India” is moreover self-explained when the nation adapts to the changing times. For instance, way back in late eighties, when the information technology made waves, the Indian universities produced the highest number of livewire to serve the globe with the genius of creating wonders in the field of the same technology but as the surge petered out resulting in a recession, Indian economy stands unaffected appearing almost rock solid in its position.

“There need not be any message for the Republic day as the axiomatic truth contained in the precepts of Srimad Bhagwat Gita  about  Karma and living has been the guiding principle from the time immemorial, India is forever ready to play a distinct role in the changing times”-says Swami Sachidananda- a leading exponent of yoga and meditation.

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