The Relationship Between Gaming and iGaming

When you look at the iGaming and gaming industries you see 2 giants that have made names for themselves by taking care of their clients. Both industries have produced countless titles and have moved online to better provide for their players. As 2 influential industries, they have impacted each other in many ways.

The Casino Influence on the Video Game Industry

There are lots of online casinos available today, and lots of online games. The iGaming industry has mobile access too as players can easily find separate casino games and entire casinos as apps. But most casinos are online, and sites like prove this. They offer their games to lots of players. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

Both the iGaming and video gaming industries enjoy a strong online presence, so it’s not clear who influenced who. But there are some clear casino influences in gaming. Certain games take place in casino cities. You can look to Fallout: New Vegas as proof. This one is set in a post-apocalyptic version of the town and has 5 new casinos to play in. Other games feature casino establishments as levels the game.

The more subtle approach is when video games feature in games that are inspired by casino games. An example of this would be Pazaak in Knights of the Old Republic I and II. This is a game based on blackjack. But certain titles don’t compromise and throw in some casino classics for gamers. New Vegas is an example of this, but so is Red Dead Redemption 2. In this Wild West game, you can play both poker and blackjack at many hotels and saloons. As mentioned before, the influence goes both ways so gaming influences casino gaming too.

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The Game Industry Influence on iGaming

The first and the most obvious way that the game industry influences the iGaming industry is via the mobile gaming market. Casino sites must be mobile-friendly if they’re looking to cater to the new batch of mobile players. This goes for providers too as they need to produce games that mobile players like playing.

But no player is looking to play games of the past when it comes to looks and mechanics. The gaming industry sets the standards for games higher each year which is why players are looking for shiny new titles. So, providers produce games that are visually appealing to players and make sure to throw in good mechanics that enable a smooth gaming experience.

Moreover, gamification is present in the world of iGaming which is why games and sites introduce leaderboards as well as levels to casino games. This way casino games feel like video games as they enhance the gaming experience and bring more joy to players.


As both need to cater to millions of players, the casino and iGaming industry have influenced each other in many ways. As they continue to thrive, they will continue the mutual impact on each other.


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