Suu Kyi describes Myanmar Violence as ‘International Tragedy’


TNI Bureau: Burmese opposition politician Aung San Suu Kyi termed the violence in west Myanmar between Buddhists and Muslims as an ‘international tragedy’. She even expressed concern over the growing immigration from Bangladesh. The veteran, who is on a visit to India, described how the unrest rocked Myanmar and people living under chaotic condition.

Suu Kyi described how entire Myanmar was affected due to the recent bloodshed. More than 1 lakh people were displaced since June in two major violence in the western state of Rakhine. In an exclusive interview to a leading news channel, she refused to make any comments on Rohingya Muslims who live on both sides of the border both Burma and Bangladesh as she wanted to promote reconciliation after the major clashes.

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She suggested stopping the illegal migration from Bangladesh that was the chief reason behind the bloodshed. “Is there a lot of illegal crossing of the border (with Bangladesh) still going on? We have got to put a stop to it otherwise there will never be an end to the problem,” she said.

She said that both the countries will slam each other for the violence. However, the government should make a strong policy to protect the citizens. “Bangladesh will say all these people have come from Burma (Myanmar) and the Burmese say all these people have come over from Bangladesh. This is a huge international tragedy and this is why I keep saying that the government must have a policy about their citizenship laws,” she said.

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