Opinion: Soft Trailer vs Hard Bargain

TNI Bureau: The scathing attack by BJP on Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik’s most trusted aide, has triggered fresh debate in Odisha politics. The DoPT letter can be seen as a ‘soft trailer’ before the big battle. But, will the battle happen?

In the changing political scenario, Modi and Naveen may not afford to antagonise each other. Naveen needs Modi for the development work of the state. At the same time, Modi needs him to get a clear public endorsement for BJP and NDA.

Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have shown how easy it is to target the ruling Goverment on various local issues, if you have the will power and determination. However, that’s clearly missing in Odisha as there is no strong trace of Opposition in the ground against the “mighty” BJD.

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BJP knows it can’t form the government in Odisha in 2024. But, it needs more Lok Sabha seats in the state to strengthen its position at the national level.

The hard bargain may ensure more Lok Sabha seats for BJP along with endorsement to NDA. In all probability, Modi will have another term, which will help Naveen to bargain more for the state in lieu of his support – win win for both. The Odisha CM won’t mind sacrificing a few more Lok Sabha seats in this hard bargain process.

The patch-up is more likely to happen. If it does not and there is a bitter fight between both parties, then game would be worth watching. The Odisha Politics as well as the National Politics will witness sea change in either case.

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