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Obituaries 2012 – People Who Leave the World

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TNI Bureau: Like the other bygone years, the year 2012 witnessed the deaths of many popular people, who would be remembered for good. They are the ones, who served the nation throughout their lives. Expressive with their outstanding creativity and armed with their gifted quality, they shined in their careers and had meteoric rise.

They were loved, adulated as they added new chapters in golden letters for their contribution to various fields. They are the personalities, whom time wouldn’t be able to place in the oblivion. As it is a brilliant precept in Philosophy that for the illustrious people, immortality only comes through their deaths, it is certain their deaths have created permanent voids. Let’s see some of these people, who left for their heavenly abode forever in the year 2012.

Atish Kumar Majumdar

Atish Kumar Majumdar – an eminent singer and music director of Odisha, sang many memorable Odia songs and bhajans in a career span of almost half a century. Born in the year 1933, he was trained in classical music by his mother earlier in his childhood. He would be best remembered for his directorial excellence in music in the film “Shasti”-the movie based on a novel by eminent writer Kanhu Charan Mohanty. Lauded for his performance as a music director and singer in many films and music albums, he was honored with several awards by the state government. Odia music and film industry would miss him forever.

Dara Singh

Although it sounds incredible, Dara Singh was the only wrestler-turned-actor, who had an unbelievable number of fans from generation of people in India. Born on 19 November 1928 in Punjab, Dara Singh went on to become a famous wrestler and later his career in the films began in the year 1952 at the height of success as a star wrestler with the film “Sangdil”. His physical appearance and success as a wrestler with the die-hard instinct to succeed gradually crafted his image as the ultimate Indian “He-man” on the silver-screen of Indian cinema. The name “Dara Singh” became the synonym of strength and will power because of the strong portrayal in the similar roles like Hanuman and other such characters.  He lived up to the ripe age of 84 and acted in more than 200 films and TV serials. His death on 12th July, 2012 is an irreparable loss to the nation.

Nityananda Mohapatra

Odisha lost its worthy son of the soil Nityananda Mohapatra on 17th April 2012.  A freedom fighter and champion of Gandhian philosophy, he remained a scholar and litterateur throughout his life. Born on 17th July 1912, he remained among the few in the politics, who remained honest in their careers and had true faith in the Gandhian principles. An acclaimed writer for his magnum opus novel “Gharadiha “, he received the Sahitya Akademi award in the year 1974 and Kendriya Sahitya Akademi award in the year 1984. His death is an irreparable loss for Odisha’s politics and the literature world.

Yash Chopra

Yashraj Chopra,familiar in the world of film and entertainment as Yash Chopra, was known for giving some of best hits to the Hindi film industry. As the younger brother of legendary film director and producer B.R. Chopra, he remained illustrious till his death. Known for his knack in trying off-beat cinema, his all time hit like “Chandni” would be remembered forever. Born on 27th September,1932 at Lahore, he came to Mumbai to work as an assistant director to his elder brother  and I.S. Johar and his career in the film industry spanned over five decades. His directorial excellence brought him several prestigious awards. His death on 21st October,2012 is an  irreparable loss for the Indian film industry.

Justice Ranganath Mnishra

The name of Justice Ranganath Mishra makes every Odia feel proud as he is the first person from the state to be the Chief Justice of India. As the scion of the legendary poet Ranganath Mishra, he began his career as a lawyer in the High Court of Odisha in the year 1950 and went on  to become the Chief Justice of Odisha in 1981. His in-depth knowledge in law and vast  experience qualified him for the job of Chief Justice of India in the year 1991. His admirable work in social justice, particularly in human rights violation was appreciated by one and all in India. Odisha lost one of its worthy sons by his death on 13th September,2012.

Rajesh Khanna

“Mere Sapno ki Rani Kab Ayegi Tuu”- this song of the movie “Aaradhana”made the actor almost immortal as the romantic and tragedy king of acting and set a trend of romantic movies with freshness that was hitherto in the nation. Rajesh Khanna was the first super-star of India, who could deliver fifteen super-hits films in a row. His genius in expressing romance made him the most favorite actor of the women in India. Although many faces come and go in the world of cinema, it is difficult to find an actor, who can be a parallel of Rajesh Khanna. His death on July 18,2012  remains a shock for the people,who stayed his ardent fans throughout their lives.

Prasanta Muduli

After the death of immortal singer Akshaya Mohanty, it was Prasanta Muduli, who immaculately emulated the voice of the maestro and sang to entertain the millions in Odisha. When the fans of the great singer Akshaya Mohanty are still reeling under the trauma of his death,surprisingly his emulator Prasanta Muduli died under a heart attack at Rourkela on 5th October,2012. It was Muduli, who kept the memory of Akshaya Mohanty alive by singing the best ones from the collection of songs. Once again, the people of odisha are in pain for losing another great singer from the state.

Pandit Ravi Shankar – Sitar Maestro

Ravi Shankar -the unforgettable emperor of Indian classical music died on 11th December,2012. He would be forever remembered as the man, who gave Indian classical music a new life on the foreign soil. Being the recipient of three Grammy awards and highest civilian honor “Bharat Ratna”, he worked tirelessly for Indian classical music.

Jaspal Bhatti

Although the Indian film and television industry has had numerous  artists, who made humor and laughter popular,no one could present it in  the way that Jaspal Bhatti did. His presentation of humor was always fresh and intellectually stimulating.  An engineer by profession, he was uniquely creative with his talent for laughter. He directed and produced extremely successful television serials and also acted in many movies. His untimely death in an accident on 25th October,2012 was mourned by millions of his fans in India.

Bal Thackeray

Bal Thackeray- known to all as the supremo of Shiv Sena died on 17th November,2012. He was  loved by all as the man who fought for the  causes ofMarhattas” in the western India.  Being popular for his inflammatory speeches against the anti-Hindu causes, he became a messiah for espousing the role of saviour of Hinduism. Throughout his life, he remained a bitter critic of Pakistan and opposed the forces ruining India.

I.K. Gujral

Inder Kumar Gujral became the 12th prime-minister of  India on 21st April 1997. A charismatic politician and savvy diplomat,he led India through a coalition government during a turbulent time. His death on 30th November, 2012 remained sad day in Indian politics.

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