New Mice and Keyboards for Windows 8 unveiled


TNI Bureau: Microsoft has unveiled new mice and keyboards ahead of the official release of Windows 8 in coming September to help its Windows 8 allies to complement tablets and laptops.

The new release includes three versions of mice, the “Sculpt Touch Mouse”, the “Wedge Touch Mouse” and a new Microsoft Touch Mouse that supports Windows 8′s multi-finger gestures and two new keyboards, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard and the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard.

Microsoft is actually preparing the ground to make the Windows 8 a success by releasing this new hardware.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The Wedge Mobile Keyboard can be calculated as the main hardware amongst the new five. The sleek keyboard includes keys for Windows 8, including a Start button and buttons normally found under the Charms menu, such as Search, Share, Devices and Settings. The device costs $79.95.

Interestingly, it also sports a cover that serves as a stand and when you put the cover back on the keyboard, it automatically turns off to save power.

Wedge Touch Mouse

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The Wedge Touch Mouse is a tiny hardware that costs $69.95. It features four-way touch scrolling and uses BlueTrack technology which allows you to use it on any surface. Of course the device does not support two-finger scrolling or gestures.

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

The Sculpt Mobile Keyboard features Microsoft’s Comfort Curve design and weighs about one pound. It costs $49.95. Speciality of this keyboard is that it goes to sleep if you don’t use it for a while and wakes back up the moment you push of a button.

Sculpt Touch Mouse

The new Sculpt Touch Mouse costs $49.95 and comes with a four-way touch scroll strip, enabling users to easily zoom through the tiles on their Windows 8 Start screen or through any Metro-style app.

Microsoft Touch Mouse

The new touch mouse would provide a new feel when used with a Windows 8 PC. The device costs $79.95. It supports two-finger swiping from the left to switch apps and swiping from the right edge to show the Charms menu. Further, one can zoom with three fingers and use the thumb to go backward and forward within an app.

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