Mysterious Creature found on Beach in UK


Today’s man may boast of science & technology, research and findings, the world still appears as a mystery. Recently the discovery of a mysterious creature in the UK surprised everyone.

According to a report published on The Huffington Post, the mysterious creature was discovered by a local resident Peter Bailey (27). He found the decomposing body of the creature named as the “Beast of Tenby” and the “Beast from the East” while walking in evening across the south beach of Wales.

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The boy came across the dead animal when his dog started howling and running around the beach. The animal had little hair on its decomposing body. It had claws like a bear and its body was looking like a pig. It had five toes hinted that it might be a badger. However, odd smell did not come out of the dead body of animal.

The story had first appeared on Western Telegraph. The photo of the beast was shared hundred times on Facebook. According to experts told to the Western Telegraph, the animal could be either a badger or a dog.

Earlier, a creature was discovered on a Long Island beach in 2008 which had claws, and almond-shaped eyes like an alien.

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