Lucknow Girl suffers from Rare Disease, Weeps Blood


TNI Bureau: A 17-year-old girl from Lucknow is suffering from an eccentric and rare disease that she spontaneously weeps blood about 5 to 20 times a day. She is not wounded but the blood comes out of her eyes, nose, neck, hairline and feet.

Twinkle Dwivedi is the poor victim of such disease. She has two sisters and none else of them have any such complain. The blood comes out 50 times a day. The blood is thin and watery in nature.

The symptoms came to notice when she vomited blood for the first time in July 2007. Later, the sickness aggravated eventually. Since then the teenager is witnessing the shocking happening. The effect of the blood flow is that she always feels exhausted and often has a headache complain.

Dr Buchanan, an American pediatric blood specialist and a leading hematologist, visited Twinkle’s family at the Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai where he observed her bleeding.

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“I’ve never seen a case of someone who bleeds spontaneously from their scalp or their palms, or read about it in medical history. “I was interested to see if I could help Twinkle.” the doctor said.

Dr. Drew Provan, another blood specialist from U.K. believes Dwivedi may have Type II Von Willebrand Disease.

Twinkle is the daughter of Aditya Kumar Diewdi, 48, a railway worker and Nandini Dwivedi, 43, a beautician of Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier, the same case was found in August 2009. TN.Calvino Inman, 15, a boy from Rockwood, USA also have identical symptom. However, unlike Twinkle Calvino only bleeds from his eyes, not from any other body part. His tears feel like they are burning him. Inman’s eyes bleed blood involuntarily at least 3 times a day.

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