Know more about the 2-kg Jumbo Jalebi of Kenjakura

Kenjakura is one of the oldest townships on the banks of the Dwarkeshwar River in Bankura.

TNI Bureau: Jalebi is a very popular desserts throughout the country. But, it’s quite sure you are still satisfied with small size jalebi. To taste a jumbo size jalebi, you need to visit Kenjakura village, which is about 20 kilometers away from Bankura city. This jalebi is 2 kilos in size.

On the occasion of Vishwakarma Puja and Vadu Puja, the famous Jumbo Jalebi of Kenjakura in Bankura has caught everyone’s attention. Bengali with Jalebi is like a pulse. People of any religion have a long tradition of eating jalebi during festivals, be it Vijaya Dashami or Bengali New Year.

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Kenjakura is one of the oldest townships on the banks of the Dwarkeshwar River in Bankura. On one side, there is the famous bronze art centre, on the other side, Kenjakura of Bankura is one of the places of various folk culture practices of Greater Bengal. Vishwakarma and Bhadu Puja are famous in this area since ancient times. And on the occasion of Vadu puja and Vishwakarma Puja here, the sweet-vendors of Kenjakura make special jalebi of huge size according to the path shown by the ancestors over the years.

The weight of one Jalebi starts from 500 grams to about two kilos. This jumbo jalebi is prepared from 27th of Bhadra month of Bengal till 5th of Ashwin month. Here, jalebi is sold by weight. These jumbo jalebis are sold at Rs. 150 per kg.

But once upon a time, there was a competition between the sweet-vendors of this Kenjakura village who could make the biggest Jalebi. Time has changed and the size of the jalebi has also changed.

There was a time when one jalebi used to weight 3 to 4 kg, now it has reduced to 1.5 to 2 kg. On the day of Vishwakarma and Bhadu Puja, people through this area gathered to buy this jumbo jalebi to gift to their relatives. The popularity of the jumbo jalebi goes beyond the state as well.

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