Aamir Khan’s Daughter’s confession on Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse and Depression

TNI Bureau: Recently, Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan posted a video on her official Instagram handle. In that video, Ira confesses getting sexually abused at the age of 14 and opened up about her parent’s divorce. However, she clarified that her depression is not related to either of these issues.

But the point behind her making that video is nowhere close to these physical problems, it’s somewhere much more serious than this. It’s about Mental health and Depression which clearly is the most underrated problem in the society we are living in.

The video she shared was more about how being privileged doesn’t make us happy. She opened her heart out about how privileged she is being a daughter of a rich and famous actor and having a good and understanding family.

This clearly explains that having money, fame or attention doesn’t make people happy and satisfied. But it clearly depends on how we are living our life or how we are treating ourselves.

Mental health remains a matter of concern, as we can treat the disease only if we know the reasons behind it.

But do we even care about considering Depression and illness?

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Do we even take out some time for ourselves from our busy lives and think about our mental fitness?

No, Right?

We just don’t care until it is too late and the problem starts haunting us for life.

Is this the life we want our future generations to live just running behind money and success all their life?

Think about it once, start considering your own mental health as important before it’s too late. And, it affects us and our future generations.

It’s high time that we start teaching our future generation about Mental Health. Instead of just making them polish their mark sheets.

Start giving yourself that required “Me Time” you deserve.

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