It's shocking, isn't it? The ideal "fit" for tenants in Bengaluru is to have graduated from one of the top universities in the nation.

TNI Bureau: Many people from many parts of the country live in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley. The increasing “strange” requirements of the landlords have made house seeking in Bangalore more difficult. In a recent social media post that has gone viral, landlords are shown requiring IIT or IIM degrees in order to rent their properties. It’s shocking, isn’t it? The ideal “fit” for tenants in Bangalore is to have graduated from one of the top universities in the nation.

Additionally, agents request the tenants’ LinkedIn profiles in response to landlord’s requests. The chats between agents and tenants that contain snippets of these “strange” demands are becoming viral, and netizens are definitely responding to it in a hilarious way.

When the agent inquiries about the tenant’s educational history in the viral chats posted on social media, the tenant responds, “VIT Vellore,” which ends the conversation. Sorry, your profile doesn’t fit, the agent explains. Look at the popular posts below.

Twitter users highlighted the difficulty in finding housing for thousands of individuals, calling this demand “elitism.” A comparison between house hunting and job hunting has also been made. The exchange was shared on Twitter by one of the users.

Another post disclosed a WhatsApp conversation between the tenant and the owner in which the owner demanded salary slips and inquired about the tenant’s personal relationships. The landlord then rejected the lease for the apartment, citing the occupants as bachelors.

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