Global Temperature at Highest Level in 4,000 Years


The human activity and pollution are causing global temperature higher, which could threaten human civilization in future. It could be higher at any time in 4000 years. According to a research, Earth will be as warm as it was during the warmest period for the modern geological era, which was known as the Holocene, if the global warming continues.

The research published in the Journal Science on Friday stated that the planet will witness another Holocene, which was about 12,000 years ago. The researchers said that the amount and distribution of incoming sunlight, caused by wobbles in the earth’s orbit, contributed to a sharp temperature rise in the early Holocene.

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Later, it caused vast ice sheets to melt across the Northern Hemisphere. The moderate climate of the age set the stage for the rise of human civilization nearly 8,000 years ago. It continued for a long time. However, Earth’s cooling was interrupted in the Northern Hemisphere due to rise in temperature during the Middle Ages, known as the Medieval Warm Period.

Scientists predicted the Earth is going back towards another ice age if the climate will be affected in Northern Hemisphere.

However, the current global warming indicated the return of Holocene in the coming decades. It would probably threaten the survival of many species. Even the human civilization would be in danger.

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