Getting a Match on Matrimonial Site: Pros & Cons


TNI Bureau: Few years back, parents used to face problems to search a suitable match for their son and daughter for marriage purpose. This was facilitated by mediators, who moved with photos and horoscopes wooing the prospective candidates into conjugal relationships. Gradually, in the bigger cities marriage agencies opened their doors and exchanged information about the eligible bachelors.

With the emergence of information technology and web, matrimonial sites came in to existence to make the search simpler. Now-a-days, virtually there is an onslaught by the matrimonial sites inviting every unmarried man and woman to make broad selection about their life-partners.

Thanks to the technology that has allows everyone to find a soul mate as per individual choice. Matrimonial portals make the search simple to select right candidates for marriage. Earlier, the fair-sex was deprived of freedom of expression about their likes and dislikes for a suitable bride groom, but now the case is different, and the option is wide open to all.

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The other side of the coin is the search needs to be broad and intense, where the boy and the girl would shoulder the burden and risk of marrying a stranger. It can be said that matrimonial websites can provide you information, which is processed on the basis of your information about eligibility. This mere exchange of information cannot ensure availability of a suitable like-minded bride or groom.

Marriage is just a broad understanding between two souls that cannot always be built on the foundation of materialistic considerations. Age, income capacity, social status and bank balance are conducive for a relationship, but for a healthy and long relationship in a marriage, the understanding between partners plays a vital role than mere information about social status of each other.

However, the websites usually do not cross-check the information provided by the registered members. Often, when the male and female decide to proceed further, it is found that information about a particular candidate is partially correct or completely wrong.

On different occasions, it has been found that the photograph of the girl or boy is a tricked one and the information about education, income and social status are completely cooked. Such issues draw a big hitch in the marriage. Moreover, with rampant frauds in the web, there is likelihood that either the boy or girl can fall prey to exploitation and harassment.

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