Is Cloud Gaming the future of New Mobile Gaming?

Facebook Cloud Gaming

TNI Bureau: Facebook is a platform that is continuously growing and reforming itself more and more. Be it the regular advancement in chat features, app updates, or business integration, Facebook is not limiting itself to a certain extent. Facebook has again taken a huge step towards Cloud Gaming for the betterment of their application.

Though Cloud Gaming is not a new concept and Microsoft, Sony and other Tech Companies have already been exploring this industry. But what makes Facebook Cloud Gaming different is that they are focusing more on Mobile Gamers.

The Cloud Gaming of Facebook basically offers free to play games to its users. These games can be played on the Web also.

Facebook Cloud Gaming will soon be out for the users to experience. In their new update, users will get this added feature. But the iPhone users still will not be able to experience the Cloud Gaming features because of the rules of Apple.

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Indeed, it’s a big step in the Mobile Gaming Industry. This concept really is a big advancement in the Gaming industry. Considering the factors that it doesn’t require users to download the games separately, they can be played in one place and with friends.

Also, the audience and users of Facebook is really very huge. So, there are big chances for this concept to get successful.

If it turns out to be a successful substitute for Downloading games, then without a doubt there are huge chances of shut down big Mobile Games and the huge potential of a completely new industry.

In either case, the mobile gaming industry is in for some big fat changes. And there are a whole lot of chances of Cloud Gaming becoming the future of Mobile Gaming.

Hope to see and experience this whole new experience soon in the Mobile Gaming Industry.

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