End of AIDS to become a Reality Soon?


TNI Bureau: HIV/AIDS, which is world’s most serious health challenge for both the developed and third world countries, the pandemic will be entirely eradicated, claims a United Nations report. Sounds like AIDS will no longer spread scare among people.

According to UN report, the eradication of AIDS is possible if the patients will take prescribed drugs that can treat and prevent the disease, which said to be incurable.

UNAIDS in its annual report noted, “Success in fighting the disease in the past decade has allowed the foundation to be laid for the eventual end of AIDS by cutting the death toll and helping stabilise the number of people infected in the pandemic.

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The report said that there is a decline in the case of new people, who were infected with the disease, which can be transmitted via blood or semen during sexual intercourse. The percentage was lower as compared to previous years. Around 2.5 million people were infected in 2011, which was 20% lower than the case in 2001. As per the report, around 34 million people were infected with HIV at the end of 2011.

The UN claimed that the campaigns and government programmes are helping to spread awareness among people about the deadly disease. If the process will continue, the world will be free from the disease, the organization hopes.

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