Covid-19 Scare in Festive Season

TNI Bureau: Coronavirus disease has been haunting us since the beginning of the year2020. Many have already suffered from this disease and many have lost their loved ones to this disease. So, without a doubt, Getting Scared of Covid-19 this festive season is indeed legit as there are chances for the second more destructive wave of Covid soon.

In the current scenario, most of the countries have started witnessing the second surge in the Covid cases. This can be a sign of a new wave of this infection. And it can cause a lot more destruction than the first one.

Especially in Europe, there is already a significant rise in the total number of Covid cases. The reason behind this rise can be lowering down their guards and the market rush.

On the other side, England has imposed a lockdown all over the country to deal with this second wave of Covid 19. Similarly, in India also, the number of Covid Cases is rising and this can be a second wave of Covid in India.

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As we are approaching the festive season now, many Indian states have been noticing a surge in Covid cases. This might be the second wave of Covid. So, it becomes very important to be aware of while celebrating the festivals. Delhi, the national capital of India is facing a surge in Covid cases which is already declared as the third wave of Covid by the CM.

In India, the beginning of the festive season means the happiest time of the year. Diwali, which brings lots of love, happiness, lights, and sweets along, is round the corner. People would love to celebrate Diwali as they have been doing since ages. But along with celebrations, it is the need of the hour to maintain safe social distancing, treating our masks like a vaccine, having essential vitamins in our diet, and taking good care of ourselves.

If we start following these guidelines and measures, then there is no need to be Scared of Covid-19 this festive season. We just need to be aware and careful while going out, during shopping, visiting relatives. While enjoying a festival is important, keeping ourselves safe is also our responsibility.

Enjoy this festive season but with a little care. Buck stops with us.

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