Common People need 12 LPG Cylinders Per Year


TNI Bureau: Centre’s decision of capping on the supply of subsidized gas cylinders up to 6 per year triggered nationwide protests as practically it is impossible to manage the kitchen with 6 cylinders. However, many women feel that at least 12 LPG cylinders per year are required to run the household’s cooking.

Following the protests, Food Minister K V Thomas has written a letter to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that Centre’s move to cap the number of subsidized LPG cylinders at six per household a year will not go well with the middle class. He rather suggested a slab system with a marginal hike in price for extra cylinders.

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Playing with the number of cylinders by the central government directly affects the middle class across the country. And experienced politicians know it better that it is wise enough not to bat on either common men or middle class, as they are the deciding factor in the election. Perhaps Thomas wanted to convey this message to the Prime Minister.

Thomas, who also holds the portfolio of Consumer Affairs Ministry suggested that the government should charge only Rs 50 extra for consumers seeking between seven and 12 LPG cylinders per household in a year and Rs 150 extra for those, who wants 13 to 24 cylinders per year.

The decision to raise diesel price as well as to keep the number of subsidized cooking gas at six per year though essential for bettering economy, will not go well with middle class…. This ( the change) would give an impression that the government is considering hardship of common man and also that the people will be mentally prepared for further increase in prices – Thomas reportedly mentioned in his letter.

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