BJD MP Sujeet Kumar Seeks Central Support for Odisha’s Development


New Delhi, TNI Bureau: In a significant parliamentary session on Thursday during the ongoing Winter session, BJD Member of Parliament, Sujeet Kumar, addressed the Rajya Sabha in a short-duration discussion on the ‘Economic Situation in the Country.’ Emphasizing three critical focus areas, he presented a comprehensive vision for India’s economic growth.

Empowering Youth and Women: Sujeet Kumar underscored the importance of focusing on empowering the youth and women, ensuring that their aspirations align with the economic landscape. Recognizing them as vital contributors to the nation’s progress, he highlighted the need to create an environment where their potential can be harnessed for the overall development of the country.

Supporting MSMEs for Job Creation: Acknowledging the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as the backbone of the economy and significant job creators, Sujeet Kumar stressed the imperative to provide them with necessary support for sustained growth. This call to action reflects a commitment to fostering economic stability and resilience through the support of small businesses.

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Investing in Education and Innovation: The BJD MP asserted that investing in education and fostering innovation, research, and development are fundamental to securing India’s future as a knowledge-driven economy. This emphasis on intellectual capital is seen as a strategic move towards long-term economic growth and global competitiveness.

Odisha’s Inclusive Economic Future: Sujeet Kumar also took the opportunity to showcase the commendable achievements of the Government of Odisha in building an inclusive and resilient economic future. He addressed longstanding concerns of Odisha’s Chief Minister, Shri Naveen Pattnaik, and appealed for Central Government support to release funds due to Odisha. These funds are crucial for enhancing tele-density, railway density, and other development works aimed at the welfare of the 4.5 crore Odia people.

Taking to his official ‘X’ account, Sujeet Kumar said, “Addressed Parliament on India’s economic situation, highlighting 3 key areas: 1) Empowering youth & women, 2) Supporting MSMEs for job creation, 3) Investing in education & innovation. Also discussed Odisha Govt’s efforts in building an inclusive economy and appealed for Central Govt support for the state’s development.”



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