Anna, Kejriwal lose Magic among Masses


The nation was taken by storm when Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal led the anti-graft movement. The 2012 saw the uprising against corruption with people joining the movement in large numbers. However, with a formal split between the two, the magic is lost. People now wonder whether Anna and Kejriwal hold any importance today. Probably, they are right in being skeptical.

When Arvid Kejriwal “defied” Anna Hazare to give a political colour to the anti-graft movement, the split became official. Anna prevented Kejriwal from using his name and the “brand” of ‘India Against Corruption’ (IAC). Kejriwal then went ahead and formed the ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ (AAP). After going on a rampage and making startling revelations against many top leaders and industrialists, Kejriwal suddenly fell silent. He perhaps knows that people have lost interest in his words and action.

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When Anna Hazare started his ‘Jantantra Rally’ at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan, it was expected that around one lakh people will throng to the venue to extend their support to anti-graft crusader. However, that did not happen. Only 10,000 people turned up, giving a big jolt to Anna and his movement. Although he named his movement as ‘Jantantra Morcha’, there are no takers for it.

If we recall the massive crowd at Anna and Kejriwal’s rallies a year ago and look at today’s situation, the message is loud and clear. Anna and Kejriwal’s magic faded away. With Kejriwal going political and Anna going alone, people have lost trust in the duo. This is a hard fact for those (people) that they will have to stop dreaming about a people’s rule in India  and go with the political parties that are making the buzz for years.

The common people have seen the true colour of any movement that fizzles out in the end without changing their lives. The political parties have a reason to smile. They feel vindicated because of their staunch opposition to such movements that neither have a vision nor a destination. People, who had hit the streets with high hopes and strong determination to fight the system, are left stranded and disappointed today. Can they dare to take part in any social movement again? Hard to say…

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