America mourns 9/11 Victims on 11th Anniversary


TNI Bureau: The Americans have not forgotten the deadly attacks that had rocked the entire nation as well as the world even after 11 years of 9/11. The eye-witnesses get shivered recalling the incident even today if they are asked about terrorism.

A decade after the terror attacks, the US has brought back normalcy to the nation and President Barack Obama claimed that the justice has been done with the people of America after the death of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

However, people, who have lost their near and dear in the attacks, can never forget the date and day. The nation was rocked when two planes had hit the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York, collapsing them to the ground. Another plane hit the Pentagon, while the fourth one crashed in Shanksville, failing to target Washington, D.C. At least 2,983 people from 83 countries were killed in the attacks.

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The US might have taken strong steps declaring a war against terror, but the al-Qaeda is still a threat to the US. Even though, the outfit could not succeed in their mission after September 11, 2001, but the terrorism has not been rooted out.

Even after the killing of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden on May 2, the outfit is claiming that the US has been defeated in the war against them in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since the war against global terrorism was declared in September 2001, the US and its allies have claimed to have killed and arrested over 80 percent of al-Qaeda leaders from Pakistan-Afghanistan tribal belt. However, Waziristan has been the terrorist stronghold in Pakistan and the US has been keeping vigil on the region.

The attacks triggered economic slowdown in the country for which other countries were also affected. The world witnessed two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The US was also able to oust the Taliban regime in Afghan and hanged Iraqi ruler Saddam Hussein.

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