Western Media slams India’s Emergency Healthcare System


TNI Bureau: The western media, which have been highlighting various issues across the world, slammed India’s emergency health care system saying, it is in tatters. This is the country where cops are called first than doctors and taxis are used as ambulance.

Even many people do not know how to call for help in case of emergency. The system appears as ineffective since many people end up their lives being neglected and people even fear to call the doctors if some incident happens.

Very often the police are called first rather than the paramedics that resulted in thousands of deaths and casualties in case of road accidents or any incidents every year.

The western media reported that the many ambulances have no medical equipment and very few trained doctors will be found in emergency care. If a victim would not be taken to the hospital within 60 minutes after the accident, he/she can lose the life.

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Even most of the victims are brought to the hospital by the taxis as ambulances. Most of the people do not know the emergency helpline number. The media reported that most of the emergency rooms have lack of specialized trauma training.

The reports said that around 1, 60,000 people die in road accidents every year in India. The victims could have survived if the system was better. A report in the Indian Journal of Surgery in 2006 found that more than 80 percent of Indians don’t get proper emergency care after the accident.

There were no emergency medical technicians in India less than a decade ago, and only about 10,000 have been trained since 2005 in the nation of 1.2 billion, said Subodh Satyawadi, chief executive of the Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI). However, in the US, 240,000 trained professionals are there for the emergency care.

Even though, EMRI is one of the largest contributors to India’s emergency workforce, but it is not recognised by the government. Only Paramedical Council of India used to train the technicians in the areas like dialysis and echocardiograms but not emergency care.

If such situation will continue for a long time in India, the government’s commitment to provide a good healthcare to its people will be questioned in the coming days.

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