Twitter Performing Very Slow in India: Elon Musk

Twitter's widespread slowdown was primarily due to its '1200 RPCs'

TNI Bureau: Elon Musk is certain that the Android app for Twitter is acting incredibly slow in nations like India and Indonesia, and he is committed to improve it. The billionaire’s comments regarding Twitter’s functionality on Android have also stirred up debate.

The Android app, Musk noted in a tweet that many parts of the world did not experience optimal performance. He claimed that when compared to how the programme works in the US, Twitter functions far more slowly in countries like India and Indonesia. In contrast to India, where it might take up to 20 seconds, Twitter refreshes in the US in about 2 seconds, he wrote.

This, according to the new CEO of Twitter, “bad batching/verbose communications” may be to blame.

In a subsequent tweet in response to former Meta CTO Mike Schroepfer (@schrep), Musk continues, “There are approximately 1200 “microservices” server side, of which approximately 40 are critical to Twitter working at all. Additionally, he said that the app was sluggish in several other nations, including India, even on the newest iPhone.

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Schroepfer had previously disputed Musk’s assertion that Twitter’s widespread slowdown was primarily due to its ‘1200 RPCs’. For those who are unfamiliar, an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is a software communication protocol that enables apps like Twitter to ask another computer for assistance over a network connection. Outside of Twitter, a number of Android programmers and developers refuted Musk’s assertions by pointing out that other elements like “edge caching” and “service availability” might be impacting the speed of apps like Twitter in countries like India.

Over the past week, multiple Twitter employees have criticized Musk, including some of the developers working on the Android app, who claimed Musk’s evaluation was unreliable. Musk, though, is unable to accept it and has fired engineers for defying him on the platform. Even those who made jokes about their new boss in work-related Slack chats, according to another allegation by the Platformer, have been fired.

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