Shaligram Stones for Ayodhya Ram Mandir coming from Nepal

In order to build the Ram and Janaki idols that will be installed in the main temple complex of the Ram Mandir that is now under the building, Nepal has sent two shaligram stones to India’s Ayodhya.

The shaligrams, which are exclusively found on the banks of the Kali Gandkari river, which runs through Myagdi and Mustang District, are already traveling to Ayodhya via Janakpurto. Ram Janmabhoomi Tethera Kshetra will construct the idols of Lord Ram and Sita when arrive. 

Bimalendra Nidhu, a leader in the Nepali Congress and a former deputy prime minister, coordinates with the Janaki Temple, which is transporting the two stones from the Kali Gandaki River, where shaligrams are abundant, from his home in Janakpuri, the birthplace of Sita.

According to Nidhi, they received permission from the Nepalese government in December 2022 to deliver the stones and bow to Ayodhya. Before being transported to Ayodhya, the two shilas would first be taken from the Kali Gandaki River to Janakpur for public inspection. Nidhi said that the department of mines and geology had given them the authorization to transfer stones to Ayodhya.

He claimed that two stones, one weighing 18 tonnes and the other 16 tonnes, had been decided upon and were technically and scientifically approved for the creation of an idol.

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Recently, a video showing villagers from Nepal praying to the shilas leaked online. The stones are seven feet long and 350 tonnes in weight. According to reports, a team of professionals, including geologists and technicians, located the stones, which will reportedly last for thousands of years and won’t be harmed by earthquakes.

It should be emphasized that the shaligram shila has only one source, the Kali Gandaki river, also called Narayani. Lord Vishnu is worshipped as the Shaligram shilas, and Lord Ram is considered to be his incarnation.

Rai had written to Nepal’s Janaki Temple in November of last year to express his support for the idea of using stones from the Kali Gandaki river to sculpt Ram-Sita sculptures.


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