Sensational Kanjhawala Death Case: What We Know So Far

Delhi’s streets witnessed a shocking incident on New Year’s Eve, after a girl was dragged by a speeding car from Sultanpuri. The woman was on a scooter, while it was struck by a car early on Sunday, dragging her several kilometers under the vehicle. The incident occurred in Kanjhawala, Delhi.

The killer car, Baleno, was discovered on Sunday, and the five occupants who were in the vehicle when the horrible tragedy occurred have been taken into custody. The five suspects admitted during questioning that they were unaware that the victim was being pulled by their car. Police, however, suspect they rushed after hitting the victim.

A body was discovered hanging under a car that was travelling in the direction of Qutubgarh, an eyewitness reported to the police. The caller alerted the police and noted the car’s license plate number. In a second, PCR call made at the same time, police were notified that a woman’s naked body was lying in the middle of the road.

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The incident witnessed massive outrage across the country, demanding a detailed probe into the matter. Meanwhile, Delhi CM Aravind Kejriwal spoke to the deceased’s mother and assured her that the woman will get justice. He also announced Rs 10 lakh compensation for the victim’s family.

The Postmortem Examination (PME) has, in the meantime, ruled out any injuries that might be the result of a “sexual assault,” the police said on Tuesday. The Delhi Police discovered a CCTV footage in which the deceased woman Anjali and her friend, Nidhi, were seen leaving a hotel on January 1 at around 1.30 am.

Latest Developments:

  • In a significant development in the Kanjhawala case, deceased Anjali’s friend Nidhi, who was riding in the passenger seat at the time of the event, claimed on Tuesday that the men continued to drag the girl despite knowing she was caught under their car.
  • “I fell to one side after the car hit us. My friend became stuck under the car. Men purposefully continued dragging the girl despite realising she was caught below their car,” she claimed. Nidhi made the startling confession that Anjali was drunk yet insisted on driving the two-wheeler.
  • The hotel management has claimed that the deceased woman Anjali and her friend, Nidhi, who was identified by authorities, had an argument inside the hotel before leaving on a scooter. The boys had a separate room booked, and the police were also told that the hotel staff had heard them talking to the girl.
  • The woman could have been stuck onto the front left wheel of the accused’s car, according to a report released on Wednesday by the Forensic Science Laboratory.
  • The scooter was discovered in Krishan Vihar, Sultanpuri, in accident-damaged condition. The Baleno car was discovered in Rohini in an accident-related state. The car’s owner, Lokesh, said it was with his brother-in-law Ashutosh and that his friends Deepak and Amit had taken it from him on Saturday at 7 p.m. and driven off on Sunday at 5 a.m.
  • Anjali’s friend who said that they had gone to meet some friends at a hotel on New Year’s Eve despite being “drunk.” Further claimed that she had left the scene of the collision “out of fear.”

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