Redefining Health & Fitness in Modern Era

By Srikant Mohanty: Fitness is a holistic term. Especially, in the last decades, teeming millions in India had lesser needs for a daily work-out in a gym for burning the extra calories because the daily routines in life included a certain amount of walking, cycling and walking that undermined the need for an exercise regimen.

The nineties inGYm -33 India saw the booming prosperity of middle classes as gateways for employment in foreign land opened through information technology and when the riches in the families soared, that gave birth to sedentary life-style, usually seen in the western countries. The result: unusual increase in diseases likes high blood sugar, blood pressure and gastric, which often result out of lesser physical strain but higher mental stress.

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As of now, high blood sugar, blood pressure and mental disorders have become common and that seriously underscores the need for regular physical workout to keep the adrenaline flow high. Fitness, now-a-days, is a holistic term that necessitates not only physical exercises but relaxation, care for healthy diet and positive thinking.

The GymTemple city is no exception as over the years the dotted presence of temples is also marked by build-ups of several hospitals. Keeping pace with the trends in life-styles, Bhubaneswar now has several health clubs, gymnasiums and yoga retreats, which offer their range of services for regular workout with the help of sophisticated exercise machinery as well as free-hand work-out to keep the body in shape. The services come on a silver platter that varies from fat-loss, tummy-tucking, body building to cardio-vascular care. Not only the youth frequent to the health clubs but females and aged people take equal interest in such activities.

Gym“Although, there is increase in the number of health clubs, spa and yoga centers, there is acute shortage of trained teachers. My gym specializes in giving the complete health care with installation of single station equipments and free-hand exercises that can help to a great extent in toning up the muscles of the body and reducing body fat. Unlike the present generation young people, who like to build their muscles with the help of steroids, my gymnasium has separate installations to train males and females in two different parts and a focused approach to the health hazards have minimized the health complications of both the ladies and gents. Holistic health means training in both physical and mental aspects. I give specialised care for individual needs so that they would not return dissatisfied. I run a complete shop for needs of proteins for my clients and dietary supplements for reducing diabetes and cholesterol that can bring down the complications from the related diseases to a great extent. I have a full-fledged body building training programme, which is fully subscribed. It is a complete healthcare unit for the people of Bhubaneswar”-says Sushant Mohanty- the owner of “The Gym”, who is an ex -Mr. India and backed up by an experience of 20 years in Indian Air Force as physical trainer.

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