Sulagna Dash – A Blessed Singer

By Srikant Mohanty: “Tell me I am clever, Tell me I am talented, Tell me I am cute, Tell me I am sensitive, graceful and wise, Tell me I am perfect- But tell me the truth”. This wonderful quote by Shel Silverstein- the American poet, singer and song composer, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children’s’ books brings inspiration to draw a brief sketch about the life of Sulagna Dash- the dedicated and accomplished dancer and singer from Odisha.

Sulagna DashThe animated charm in her personality and a voice that literally holds the audiences in a spell speak volumes as she narrates her passion for music as something really close to her heart. Lata Mangeshkar – the noted female singer has remained her idol from her childhood and the divinity in the former’s voice has been constant motivation to the latter throughout the years of struggle. In a life transforming experience, she visited Assam as she came to know about the death of legendary singer Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and was moved to see the love and adulation that common masses showered on the great singer. The incident made her determination stronger to go after singing with transformed vigor.

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Her zeal for music refused to take a beating as she dropped out of the top-20 in Sare Gama Pa competition at national level. As a matter of fact, although her parents had been very supportive in her childhood in providing training in singing and music, they had no desire that their daughter took it seriously as her profession. It was after marriage her hubby extended the absolute support to bring out the gem of a singer in her.

The undulating passion is easily recognizable as she sings in the recently released album in Hindi- “Kash”. The lines from “Subah ki pehli kiran, kar gayi bekarar” are as effervescent as the drops of dew in the wee hours.  Her talent is forthright acknowledgeable in her soulful song in the recently released Odia film– Prema eka pagalami”, in which she delivers the quintessence in her voice through the song-  “Bhange bali ghara, gadha hue hatare”.

As she keeps her aim steady to add more in number in Odia, Telugu, Hindi and Bengali songs, sky remains the limit for the aspiring singer, who exudes confidence showing her caliber to sing  the best ones in modern to semi-classical to western. With her appearance, Odisha has renewed hope in getting a voice that can simply mesmerize the posterity.

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