Rafale Storm won’t end despite CAG Report


TNI Bureau: Congress has nothing to lose in 2019 general elections after it was reduced to its worst-ever tally of 44 in 2014. Whether it forms the Government or not, it has gone aggressive to change the narrative against the Modi Government and Rahul Gandhi is leading the charge.

Rahul, who was dubbed as a ‘Joker’ and ‘Papu’ knows it well that whatever he does today, won’t harm him. He was down and out till a year ago, but his stature has been increased today in media circle as well as in public. The Opposition parties have rallied behind him, as he dared to challenge the Modi Government. He does not bother about the consequences even while producing half-truths or fake narratives. As we said, he has nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

The CAG Report on Rafale Deal, came as a big relief for Modi Government. The report vindicated its stand. But, it won’t ward off the storm created by Rahul. Congress under Rahul Gandhi has the audacity to discard CAG citing conflict of interest just a day before he submitted his report. Nobody would ask them why they kept silent over the months despite the fact that the same CAG was auditing the report. The Congress delegation had even urged the CAG to expedite its audit!!!

Here are the Details emerged from the CAG Report:

– NDA Govt’s final deal was 2.86% cheaper than the UPA Govt’s proposed deal. NDA had claimed it to be 9%.

– Delivery schedule of the first batch of 18 #Rafale aircrafts is faster than the one promised in UPA era. Faster by 5 months.

– No competitive or cheaper bidding was available.

– NDA Govt saved 17.08% on enhancements.

– Fly Away price remains the same as UPA era.

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