‘Pahili Bhoga’ rituals begin in Srimandir on Dhanu Sankranti

TNI Bureau: The special ‘Pahili Bhoga’ rituals started at Srimandir on the auspicious occasion of Dhanu Sankranti on Friday. This offering would continue for a month till Makar Sankranti.

The Pahili Bhog is the traditional morning offering to the Trinity which continues from the Dhanu Sankranti to Makara Sankranti.

In view of the special rituals, the main door of the sanctum sanctorum was opened at 3 am today at 2.30 am in the midnight.

The Bhogs are offered at the Anabsar Pindi. Breakfast is a seven item treat – Khua, Lahuni, sweetened coconut grating, coconut water, khai, curd and ripe bananas.

The food items are mainly cakes (Peethaa) made of red gram (Beeri) and wheat (Gahama) are brought to the Ballava Pindi by Mahasuar sevaks and served along with the Gopaala Ballava offerings.

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After that, these items are offered to the deities by the Pujapandaa sevak through Pancha Upachara Puja.

In Pahili Bhoga,23 special food offerings are made to the deities.

Some of them are as follows-:
⏺️ Bada Jhili
⏺️ Badi
⏺️ Naadi
⏺️ Chudaa Bhajaa
⏺️ Chatu
⏺️ Badaa
⏺️ Kakaraa
⏺️ Taakiri
⏺️ Gainthaa
⏺️ Mandaa
⏺️ Enduri
⏺️ Chudaa Puaa
⏺️ Amaalu
⏺️ Chadheinedaa Gujaa
⏺️ Darasuaa Badi
⏺️ Kaanti
⏺️ Nadu Gajaa
⏺️ Nali Mugei
⏺️ Aarisaa
⏺️ Kantei

Pahili Bhoga is a beautiful representation of the maternal and selfless love that Mother Yashoda had for her son Krishna.

Once Shri Krishna took Baala Gopala (baby) form in Dwarka, remembering his mother’s love. Narada reached Dwarka, and on seeing this form of Shri Krishna, asked him about the mystery behind it. He was instructed by Shri Krishna to reach Gopapura. On reaching, he saw Krishna and Balaraama sitting on the lap of Maa Jashoda and getting fed by her. Pahili Bhoga is conducted in the memory of this scene.

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