Agni V Launch & User Trials – A Brief History

Amidst heightened military tension along the India-China boundary in Arunachal Pradesh, India on Thursday successfully carried out a night launch of the nuclear-capable Agni-5 ballistic missile boosting India’s military capabilities.
A Brief History of Agni V:
🔸 Agni V – The Nuclear Capable Intercontinental Ballistic Missile with a capability to hit targets beyond 5,500 KM, had 7 test launches – 2012 (1), 2013 (1), 2015 (1), 2016 (1), 2018 (3).
🔸 Agni V had two User Trials – 2021 & 2022.

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🔸 Night Trial – Agni V had first-ever Night Trial on December 15, 2022.
🔸 The Night Trial test validated new technologies and equipment on the missile.
🔸 The launch also proved that the Agni V can hit targets further away than before with necessary enhancement.
🔸 With this latest user trial, India took a step forward towards deployment of Agni-5 in its nuclear arsenal.
🔸 As Agni 5 travels at Mach 24 – 24 times the speed of the Sound, it’s difficult for any defence system to intercept and destroy it

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