New Smart Pen to Check Grammatical Error!


TNI Bureau: Good news! Now, anybody can write errorless English. Lernstift, a German company, recently developed a hi-tech pen, which vibrates every time it senses a spelling or grammar mistake while writing.

The pen, which is at the prototype stage, is capable of picking errors in spelling or letter formation instantly, delivering a warning vibration to the writer’s hand.

Users can choose between two functions: Calligraphy Mode – pointing out flaws of form and legibility or Orthography Mode – detecting orthographic and grammatical mistakes.

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According to the website Lernstift, the inventors of the magical-pen Falk and Mandy Wolsky were inspired by their son’s early writing attempts.

It is being hoped that such pen will help to people of all ages in order to write more accurately and more quickly.

However, it is remain to see how the Government of India allows such hi-tech pen in the country particularly for the students.

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