Mystery shrouds death of Madhya Pradesh Girl in Puri

18-year-old woman's mangled body was discovered on the beach in only her undergarments in the Penthakata region of Puri, Odisha

TNI Bureau: In a horrifying incident, a mangled body of an 18-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh was found dead on the beach in only her undergarments in the Penthakata region of Puri, Odisha, five kilometers from the town’s center, Swaragadwar, three days after she went missing.

The victim’s relatives called for a high-level investigation into the event on Monday, alleging that the woman, whose body was discovered on the beach, had been abducted from the hotel, raped, slain, and disfigured before being dumped into the water.

The woman’s death, however, is thought by the authorities to have been caused by drowning in the sea. She hailed from Madhya Pradesh.

The family members met with Puri Police Superintendent K. V. Singh yesterday and sought a thorough investigation.  According to Puri police, the woman’s fingers were cut off and her face was completely blackened, perhaps by chemicals like acid.

“But it might possibly be because the body had floated face down for so long in the salty seawater. Any aquatic animal may have eaten away at her fingers “, they added.

In the background, a Twitter User claimed that her parents are in conflict with the local government because their complaint wasn’t filed when the youngster vanished. Later, neither the hotel management nor the police looked into the CCTV footage. There was also some chemical that burned the face was found nearby the sea, she added.

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Accordingly, the Twitter user also said that when she recently called the victim’s brother, he demanded for a five-member postmortem team.

On the other hand, Victim’s father claims that in order to conceal her identity, her killer allegedly applied acid to her face. Acid had also been spilled on her back. Her father was able to identify her through her earrings, nose stud in gold, wrist band in red, and ankle band in black.

“We have filed a complaint involving an unnatural death. The SP informed news agency PTI over the phone that he had requested a deputy superintendent of police to look into the event “bearing in mind the family members’ worries.”

The woman and her relatives were in Puri for a visit to the Puri Jaganath Temple, according to the woman’s relatives, went missing on November 23 after leaving the hotel room to pick up their clothing that were drying outside.

They had filed a missing person report at the sea beach police station. According to their claims, the woman was taken from the hotel and killed by having acid poured over her face so that she couldn’t be identified.

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