Internet @ 30 Years – Changes the World


TNI Bureau: Internet, which has been the necessity of billion of users, very few know that it has turned 30 on January 1. This is the era when we are completely dependent on the revolutionary communications system, which has made the world closer and smaller.

Internet is the only advanced communication system through which we can able to see our friends of other countries on the PC, laptop or Smartphone within a second, communicate with them, the professionals used to interact with clients through video conference sitting at home. Online shopping is the latest trend of the era where people find it easy way to purchase something, which is not available at local retail outlets.

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Internet is the ocean of all knowledge, perfect platform, which provides us everything. It could have turned 30, but was popular a decade ago. Known as ”flag day”, it was the first time the US Department of Defence (DoD)-commissioned Arpanet network fully switched to use of the Internet protocol suite (IPS) communications system. Using data “packet-switching”, the new method of linking computers paved the way for the arrival of the World Wide Web (www).

The Internet found its beginnings as Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) when it switched over from using Network Control Protocol to TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol).

It began its technological revolution on January 1, 1983. But now, it has entered in all the sectors and has been an integral part of human life. We cannot think of a day without internet like phone or vehicle.

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