How to Boost Your Eyesight


By Srikant Mohanty: The sacred Sri Aurobindo ashram at Pondicherry is one of the historical places in India. Its imposing presence alongside the sea commands respect because it has immensely contributed to the heritage of the nation. Perfect Eye is the organization run by Sri Aurobindo Trust, and over the years it has taught thousands of its pupils about the ways to restore and improve eye-sight. Aruna Mohanty-the aging septuagenarian, who has spent 43 years in Sri Aurobindo Ashram in various faculties shares with us five basic tips for improving eye-sight.

   eyesight       I.            Sun treatment & washing– This is a simple exercise, which can help the eye-sight to a great extent. First is the sun treatment in which, a person needs to sit or stand with his eyes closed facing the sun. Then he or she can swing his body from left to right and right to left but strictly being in that position. This can be more effective if it is done with a bit of honey inside the eyes. Honey soothes pain and gives relief.

Next is washing.  Eyes can be washed after sun treatment. With the help of a cup of water or saline water, eyes need to be kept open and dipped in it and after blinking 10 times eyes can be taken out from the water. This is required to be done with one eye separately. After washing both the eyes, those need to wiped clean with a soft cloth.

        II.            Palming- Palming is the most important exercise that almost everyone needs to do. It is something that miraculously removes fatigue and stress of the eyes. To perform palming, a person has to close his or her eyes by crossing both his hands, so that, no light can pass to the eyes. Children of younger age have to practice this regularly because studying books puts a lot of stress on the eyes.

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      III.            Reading fine print  in candle-light and blinking-   Reading the letters in fine print in candle light helps improve the eyesight considerably. In this, a person needs to be sitting before the content at a comfortable distance, where he can see the letters clearly. Of course, the distance will differ from person to person. The person needs to read one line and then blink twice. Blinking is also needed when a person watches television and computer monitor. Blinking reduces the stress on the nerves of the eyes. It improves eye-sight.

     IV.            Game of ball-   In this, the person needs to catch the ball in one hand and then throw to the other hand, while catching it. While throwing, he or she needs to blink. This improves the adjustment capacity of the eyes with vision.

       V.            Vapor & Cold pack-    In this, a person needs to take a bowl of water and heat it. Then putting a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it, he can take the steam coming out of it and keep blinking in the rising vapor.

Next step is cold-pack.  A person can take two handkerchiefs and rinse them in water. Folding both of them, he can put them on his cold eyes for ten 10 minutes. He needs to avoid this if he is suffering from Sinus.

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