Horoscope Today: January 15, 2021

Check out what you can expect from your day before going out.

Aries: Try to be romantic or it may create differences between you and your partner. Try to follow a better health regime to keep yourself healthy. You can expect great support from your seniors at work. Look out for all pros and cons before investing in something. You may go to a social party and meet people you haven’t met in a long time. Your lucky colour is Magenta, and lucky alphabet is J. The friendly numbers are 4,8. Try to stay away from Cancer.

Taurus: Your efforts will bring love in your life. You are likely to travel overseas for work. Your finances are likely to get better and help you fulfil your ideas. Try to avoid late submission of assignments, or else your impression might get hampered. Your domestic front looks good and peaceful even in tough times. Your lucky colour is Coffee, and lucky alphabet is P. The friendly numbers are 6,12. Try to stay away from Virgo.

Gemini: You might meet someone you like and can have a long term relationship with. You are likely to keep your health as your first priority. You will handle a complex situation at work with great expertise. Your finances seems to be stable. If you are a new driver, then expect to set out on a long drive today. Your lucky colour is Roee, and lucky alphabet is T. The friendly numbers are 2,8. Try to stay away from Aries.

Cancer: Someone who likes you may make a move today. You are likely to handle the mood swings of a family member quite well. If you are planning on a trip today, try to cancel it, as it won’t satisfy you, rather can cut a hole in your pocket. Try and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You may receive praise for your work. Your lucky colour is Forest Green, and lucky alphabet is K. The friendly numbers are 9,19. Try to stay away from Sagittarius.

Leo: You can expect to spend a quality time with your fiance. Try to complete all pending academic assignments. You might want to take a break from work today. However, it won’t distract you from your work. Try and cut down on junk food to improve your health conditions. You Amy spend some alone time at home. Your lucky colour is Teal, and lucky alphabet is A. The friendly numbers are 8,6. Try to stay away from Cancer.

Virgo: The ones in a romantic relationship can expect to enjoy a blissful evening. Try and keep your family entertained. Discipline yourself to get a better health. You are likely to receive a lot of attention in your social life. Draw a fine line of differentiation between work and personal life. People who have just started working, can expect to enjoy with your first salary soon. Your lucky colour is Pink, and lucky alphabet is D. The friendly numbers are 7,14. Try to stay away from Gemini.

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Libra: If you are out of town, you may experience romance. You financial conditions look pretty good and you may come across opportunities to increase it. Your perfection in completing a task is likely to be noticed and appreciated by everyone. Avoid long drives or staying at home to readjust your focus. Your lucky colour is Saffron, and lucky alphabet is R. The friendly numbers are 3,6,9. Try to stay away from Aries.

Scorpio: You may strongly start liking someone you find attractive. For people working, your finances will remain stable. You might have to travel alone even if you don’t enjoy it. Improvements are to be introduced in domestic front. Your health is likely to remain well. You might expect to get back a favour. Your lucky colour is Golden, and luck alphabet is V. The friendly numbers 7,14,21. Try to stay away from Virgo.

Sagittarius: You may have to compromise your wishes and prioritize your partner’s wish today. If you are a student, then keep up with the hard work. You are likely to handle marital problems with patience to retain your domestic peace. Someone may impress you with their innocence. You might have to go to a party, that will help you boost your social connections. Your lucky colour is Magenta, and lucky alphabet is Y. The friendly numbers are 12,16,18. Try to stay away from Scorpio.

Capricorn: Despite your efforts, your love life will still be on the side track. Your work front looks pretty good. You will get most of your work done and also impress your client. You can expect today to be a busy day, as you might have to organise a get together at your place. Your lucky colour is Navy Blue, and lucky alphabet is N. The friendly numbers are 8,16. Try to stay away from Taurus.

Aquarius: Your lover may keep romance aside for now. Your financial front seems to be a little bit ooff today. Appreciation and praises may come your way for your achievements. Don’t over eat, or else you might fall ill. You may finally get your dream home. An old friend may invite you for a trip. You may need advice from a family member with a grain of salt. Your lucky colour is Silver, and lucky alphabet is E. The friendly numbers are 9,8,17. Try to stay away from Capricorn.

Pisces: Your love life is likely to get better. Welcome constructive criticism. You perform extremely good in a competition. There might arise a difference of at work, don’t let that effect your confidence. If you want the best deal for yourself, then don’t stop looking. You might have to make an unplanned purchase. Your lucky colour is Rose, and lucky alphabet is K. The friendly numbers are 3,6,9. Try to stay away from Taurus.

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