BJP raises questions on Development in Odisha; releases Data

TNI Bureau: Criticizing the BJD Government over its remark of transformation in last 25 years, BJP spokesperson Anil Biswal provided an in-depth analysis about the unplanned development agenda of the State Government.

Biswal alleged that Odisha’s healthcare, education system and infrastructure got derailed under the BJD rule in last 25 years.

➡️According to the SDG-India Index 2020-21 of NITI Aayog, Odisha scored only 61 standing at a rank of 19 among 28 States.

➡️According to the State Health Index (2019-20), released by NITI Aayog in 2019-20, Odisha stood 14th among the 19 large States in 2019-20.

➡️As per the Social Progress Index (SPI), released by the Institute for Competitiveness and Social Progress Imperative in 2022, Odisha stood 32nd among the 36 States/UTs, scoring only 48.19 out of 100.

➡️If we said about the literacy rate among tribal population, Odisha Government has not set up a single deemed University in the State, leading the State to have no Government deemed University.

➡️The crime rate per 1 lakh women population reached an alarming 112.9%, making Odisha the State with the third highest number of crimes against women in the country in 2020.

➡️Odisha recorded 14,853 cases of assault against women

➡️No municipality from Odisha has made it to the MPI.

➡️Odisha was ranked 29th under last Ease of Doing Business rankings in India.

➡️According to Export Preparedness Index (EPI) (2022), Odisha ranked 6th out of 8 coastal States, scoring just 58.84 out of 100.

➡️As per the India Innovation Index (2021), Odisha ranked 16th out of 16 Major States, scoring just 11.42 out of 20.

➡️Odisha stands 21st among 36 States/UTs in Domestic Tourist Footfall.

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➡️Odisha attracts only 22,000 foreign tourists per year which is one of the lowest in the country.

➡️As per the Comprehensive Water Management Index (2019), Odisha ranked 14th out of 17 non-Himalayan States, scoring just 39 out of 100.

➡️As of 31 December 2018, Odisha stood at the 14th rank out of 37 States/UTs, having a total capacity of 513 MW.

➡️According to the State Energy and Climate Index (SECI) (2022), Odisha stood 16th among the 20 large States in 2022.

➡️Odisha’s farmers monthly income is only 5112, 2nd lowest among all 36 states and UTs.

➡️Odisha emerged with the highest inflaƟon rate among states and Union territories in March 2024. Odisha – 7.1%, India – 4.9%.

➡️Unemployment among youth highest in Odisha. While close to 41.6% youth in the State are not into employment, education or training, the unemployment rate among educated youths rose from 35.93% in 2022.

➡️India in 2021 software export 11.6 Lakhs crore. But Odisha has only 5,000 Cr. Only 0.4%.

➡️Odisha’s position is 19th in the country. FDI to Odisha is 128 US Million $ where as Maharashtra attracts 39,165 US Million $.

➡️Odisha produces only 78 thousand tonnes whereas desert state Rajasthan produces 48 lakhs tonnes. Odisha’s position is 15th in Millet Production.

➡️While the infant mortality rate in Odisha stands at 38 deaths per 1,000 live births, Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) stands at 9.7%.

➡️Dropout rate in Class X in India stands at 20.6% as of 2021 while Dropout rate in Class X in Odisha stands with 49.9%.

➡️Odisha has highest stray dogs per 1000 persons as per the 20th livestock census 2019.

➡️Alcohol Consumption is 16.3% in Odisha as compared to National Average of 9.9%.

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