BJD demands ST Status for 169 Tribal Communities in Odisha

TNI Bureau: BJD Spokesperson Pradeep Majhi has vented his ire on the BJP-led Centre for neglecting the Tribals in Odisha.

Addressing a Press Meet today, Pradeep Majhi said that BJD Government led by CM Naveen Patnaik has been working for the development and welfare of Tribals in Odisha. But the BJP-led Centre has always neglected the tribal communities of Odisha. Their approach has been anti-tribal, anti-poor and anti-Odisha.

“Naveen Patnaik has provided 5 lakh tribal girl children with hostels, Special Development Councils (SDCs) in nine tribal-dominated districts of Odisha covering 117 Blocks, 2022 GPs, 18687 villages and 14.05 lakh ST households. But the BJP-led Centre has always neglected the Tribals. Why do I say so ? About 169 proposals have been recommended by the Odisha Government for inclusion of 169 communities in the ST list of Odisha”, Majhi said.

“But despite repeated letters by the CM and the Odisha Government, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs is not including them in the ST list and its pending. On 16th September, 2022, Naveen Patnaik requested the Union Minister of Tribal Affairs to consider the pending proposals. Many communities such as PAURI BHUYAN / PAUDI BHUYAN (PTG), CHUKTIA BHUNJIA (PTG), DURUA, DHURUA, DHURAVA, URAM, DHANGARA, ORAM / URAON, ORAON MUDI (MUDI), KANDHA KUMBHAR, MUKA DORA / MOOKA DORA / NUKA, DORA / NOOKA DORA are awaiting approval for inclusion in ST list of Odisha but the Centre has been delaying their inclusion”, Majhi further stated.

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“On 20th April, 2022 in a meeting with officials of Ministry of Tribal Affairs headed by Director of the Ministry in Odisha, the Odisha Government has already again placed the 169 pending communities proposals for inclusion in ST list of Odisha but the BJP led Centre is delaying it. In 2014 itself, four volumes on the communities has been submitted to the Task Force and sent to Centre where KandhaKumbhar, Jhodia/Jodia/Jadia and Jhadia, ChuktiaBhunjia, Sa-a-ra, Mankidia, Porja and BarengJhodiaParaja/ BondaParoja, Durua and Paharia communities have also been sent for further consideration”, the former MP stated.

“Further in 10th October, 2022, 20 communities namely TomodiaBhumij, TamadiaBhumij, TamundiaBhumij, TamuliaBhumij, TamudiaBhumij, TanlaGauda, Dora, Anati Dora/ Enati Dora, Saara, Kui (Kandha), Kaur, Rajual/Rajuad, Konda Reddy/ Konda Reddi, Putiya/Putia/Dulia/Dhulia/Putiya Paik/Dhulia Paik/ Dulia Paik, Kalanga, Tamadia, Tamudia, Bhagata, Bhukta, BhogotaNakasia, BhanjaPuran proposals with all justification, information and recommendation have been sent to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for inclusion in ST but the Centre is silent”, said Majhi.

“Despite Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik fighting for the rights of these communities for inclusion in the ST list, the BJP led Centre with its anti-tribal approach has been thwarting all efforts. On behalf of Biju Janata Dal, we demand that these 169 proposals for inclusion in ST list be immediately approved and included in the ST list of Odisha. These 169 communities are watching the anti-tribal approach of the BJP and its Central Government and have seen their doublestandards and therefore have always rejected them in Odisha and therefore in the recently held ZP elections, defeated the BJP in all the 30 ZP Districts of Odisha and made the BJD victorious, Majhi said.

“Its only the BJD led by Naveen Patnaik which fights for the rights of the tribals while the BJP only sheds crocodile tears and has no heart for the tribals and those communities who are awaiting to be included in the ST list. We the BJD demand that immediate steps be taken by the BJP led Centre to include these 169 communities into the ST list failing which the BJD and the tribal communities of Odisha will be forced to come to the streets and raise our voice against the illtreatment, neglect and constant disregard for the tribals in Odisha and for the 169 communities awaiting ST list inclusion in Odisha”, said Majhi at a presser in which BJD MP Sasmit Patra was also present.

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