Anti-US Fire spreads from Libya to Yemen


TNI Bureau: The anti-US fire is spreading across the Muslim regions over a film that allegedly insulted Islam. After Libya and Cairo, now the protesters stormed the complex of the American embassy in Sanna on Thursday.

The protesters targeted a number of vehicles at the premises that led to clash with the security forces. Police used water cannons and fired warning shots to drive them out of the campus.

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The protesters stormed the US embassy campus with anti-US slogans. The entire atmosphere was echoed with the chanting “O, Allah’s messenger… O, Mohammed”.

However, no casualty has been reported so far. The violence struck in Yemen two day after the US envoy to Libya was killed along with three Americans in a rocket strike launched by the Libyan protesters in Benghazi. The anti-US protesters also stormed Cairo by tearing down the US flag and replaced with a black Islamic flag. The protesters chanted anti-Us slogans carrying flags with Arabic that reads “No God but Allah, and Muhammad is his prophet”.

The protests against the US erupted over a low budget film “Innocence of Muslims” in which the Muslims have been portrayed as immoral and violent. The Muslims were furious when the film showed Prophet Mohammed sleeping with women and talking about killing children. Even donkey has been referred as the first Muslim animal.

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