Andhra Pradesh Family serves Son-in-Law 379 Dishes

The royal feast has become a talking point in the neighborhood. The great festival's images and films have gained widespread traction.

On Makar Sankranti, 379 distinct foods served to a son-in-law by one family in Eluru. The amount of food provided was the most that a family has given their son-in-law in recent years, and the royal feast has become a talking point in the neighborhood. The great festival’s images and films have gained widespread traction.


Families in Andhra have been treating their sons-in-law by throwing lavish feasts on Sankranti for a long time, especially in the Godavari district. The Godavari district’s food, in particular its wide diversity, is regarded as the greatest in the two states.

On Sunday, the Pedda Panduga holiday, also known as Makar Sankranti, was joyfully observed throughout Andhra Pradesh. People drew colorful “Muggu” (rangoli) outside of their homes and went to temples to worship.

But one Eluru district family went above and beyond to make their son-in-festival law’s extra special. On the occasion of Makara Sankranti, the family gave him a regal feast that included 379 different dishes.

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It is the most food that has been provided to a son-in-law by his family in recent memory. With videos and images going viral on social media, word of the royal welcome spread like wildfire.

On the occasion of Makar Sankranti the previous year, a family had extended a similar welcome to their future in-law. He received 365 various kinds of food from the Narsapuram family in the West Godavari district, which was not split.

The ‘fortunate’ son-in-law, Muralidhar, is a 28 years old architect from the town of Anakapalli, which is close to Vishakhapatnam. When the parents of Koruballi Kusuma in Eluru proposed to Muralidhar’s family last year, he did not hesitate before accepting because he had always wanted to marry into a Godavari district family. The wedding was celebrated last year on April 16 in Araku. 

As is customary in the region, Kusuma’s parents began preparing for their son-in-large-law’s feast about a week ago. They made 379 dishes, which is the most they have ever prepared.

“We were delighted to provide him with a wide range of food options. Over the past ten days, my parents have been preparing the menu. After seeing the cuisine, my husband was astounded”, Kusuma reported.

“I tasted every dish, and they were all distinct in flavor. It has a distinctive feeling. The Godavari and Konaseema districts have very different cultures from the Vizag region. No one in my extended family of 22 cousins has wed a Godavari girl”, according to Muralidhar.


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