Young Indian Girl pins down Male Wrestler

Neha Tomar, a 17-year-old girl from Rudrapur in Uttarakhand, stunned everyone when she pinned down a much experienced and heavier male wrestler in just 10 minutes and forced him to submit at her feet like a lamb. The male wrestler had no option but to place his head at Neha’s feet and accept her supremacy.

Neha-Tomar-WrestlerThe incident occurred at Jogi Navada in Bareilly. Wrestler from Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and many other states participated in the event. The organisers were left shell-shocked when Neha challenged a well-built and experienced male wrestler, Sonu Pehlwan. Sonu Pehlwan, who too hailed from Uttarakhand and was 16-kg heavier than the girl, tried to ignore Neha, but eventually accepted the challenge with the permission of the organisers to teach Neha a lesson.

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Sonu Pehlwan tried to prevail over Neha. But, she was agile, nimble and made him run around the mat. Neha pounced upon Sonu, put him in head lock and then used her feet to choke him completely. She made her moves very quickly to overturn the male wrestler and ultimately pinned him down by sitting over his chest with one foot on his neck and another one on his chest. Sonu did not have any option but to accept defeat.

Neha was so ferocious during the battle that Sonu could not get up when the battle was over. “I challenged the male wrestler to prove a point, as I had defeated all women wrestler in the event,” said Neha after the bout.

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