Yes, Media is Highly Polarised


TNI Bureau: The Bombay High Court has put the entire media in the dock with a scathing remark that the latter has become highly polarised today. The same impression was being made against the political class who are divided on the basis of caste, religion and ideology and polarise people on that theme. But, for the first time, role of Media (4th Pillar of the Democracy) has come under the scanner.

The High Court correctly observed that journalists were responsible and neutral in the past. That is a strong observation that should put the entire media fraternity into shame. Never before Media was battered and condemned the way it is today, due to their own wrongdoings.

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The media trial in Sushant Singh Rajput case, has shaken the basic foundation of journalistic ethics beyond repair. When the judiciary says “Journalists and Media have forgotten to draw lines”, the issue is definitely bigger than perceived and situation is too grave to be ignored.

We are ruled by the Rule of Law in India. Without allowing the law to take its own course, if Media continues to jump the gun, launch personal attacks on people, indulge in character assassination without any evidence, accuse them, malign them in public and try to create a public opinion against these people, it’s definitely a crime (whether proven or not). Those who are involved in such “crime”, cannot find shelter of freedom of press. If they are allowed today, it won’t augur well for the democratic process of the country.

The observation of Bombay High Court should be taken in the right spirit. Whether introspection or self-regulation, it’s high time the Journalists exercise restraint and measure the pros and cons carefully instead of jumping the gun with an vindictive approach. Hope good sense prevails!

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