Twitter rolls out Verified Organizations

TNI Bureau: The Elon Musk owned micro blogging platform Twitter has finally introduced Verified Organizations across the globe.

The Verified Organizations is a new feature of the micro blogging platform which allows pre-approved organizations to verify their associated handles.

The Verified Organizations aims to reduce the reliance on Twitter to be the sole verifier of accounts. Earlier, Twitter has stated that it will stop providing free account verification from April 1, 2023.

Verified Organizations is a new way for organizations and their affiliates to distinguish themselves on Twitter. Rather than relying on Twitter to be the sole arbiter of truth for which accounts should be verified, vetted organizations that sign up for Verified Organizations are in full control of vetting and verifying accounts they’re affiliated with.

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Accounts affiliated with the organization will receive an affiliate badge on their profile with the organization’s logo, and will be featured on the organization’s Twitter profile, indicating their affiliation. All organizations are vetted before they can join Verified Organizations.

“We’ve already seen organizations, including sports teams, news organizations, financial firms, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits join Verified Organizations and list their affiliated accounts publicly on their profiles. And starting today, Verified Organizations are available globally. We are now sending email invitations to approved organizations from the waitlist,” Twitter said.

Interested businesses, nonprofits, governments, and multilateral organizations around the world can join the waitlist by clicking hereby clicking here.

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