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ବନ୍ଦନା ପଣ୍ଡାଙ୍କ ‘ଫେରନ୍ତା ଗାଡ଼ି ଓ ଅନନ୍ୟା ଗଳ୍ପ’ ଲୋକାର୍ପିତ

ପ୍ରକାଶନୀ ସଂସ୍ଥାର ନିର୍ଦେଶକ ତଥା କଥାକାର ଶୁଭ୍ରାଂଶୁ ପଣ୍ଡାଙ୍କ ସଭାପତିତ୍ବରେ ଅନୁଷ୍ଠିତ ଏହି କାର୍ଯ୍ୟକ୍ରମରେ ସେ ଆହୁରି କହିଥିଲେ ଯେ, ସହଜରେ ଗପମାନେ ଆସନ୍ତିନି।

Pratibha Ray gets Jnanpith Award-2011

Veteran Odia writer Pratibha Ray was conferred the prestigious Jnanpith Award for the year 2011 for her life time research in literature. She is the fourth Odia to get the award after Sitakant Mohapatra. President Pranab Mukherjee…

A Tribute to Manoranjan Das

Bhubaneswar: Eminent dramatist Manoranjan Das was the pioneer of the modern theatre movement in Odisha. Odia literature will now look empty without him after his death on Feb 17. He was the prominent face of Odia theatre, which has its…