Storm over the Kerala Story

By Laxmi Pranathi: The Bollywood movie “The Kerala Story” has been the subject of controversy ever since its teaser debuted a few days ago. The video, which was directed by Sudipto Sen and was made by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, details how ISIS kidnapped 32000 Hindu females from Kerala to subject them to love jihad and recruit them for terrorist actions. The film’s principal actress is Adah Sharma, but many political figures have criticized it, saying it promotes hatred and ought to be outlawed.

The Kerala plot has come under fire for claiming to be factual while making erroneous claims that ISIS is converting and recruiting hundreds of Keralan women. It is also charged with furthering Sangh Parivar’s goals.

The government CPI(M)’s youth wing, the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI), also expressed strong disapproval of the film, claiming that “Sangh Parivar was using an even more popular medium to humiliate the state and whole community.”

When the movie’s trailer was published, it featured a lady wearing a burqa with the phrase “Uncovering the truth that was kept hidden,” which led to demonstrations across the state.

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On Sunday, Congressman Shashi Tharoor responded on Twitter to the continuing “The Kerala Story” issue. He uploaded the movie’s poster on the microblogging platform and said, “It may be *your* Kerala narrative. The Kerala tale is not “ours.”

The Kerala Story’s actress Adah Sharma has claimed that the film is about life and death as she prepares for its release. She has further mentioned how this is not a propaganda movie.

“I’m pleased that this film was able to raise consciousness, and I always appreciate the support and love I receive from people. I give the creators all due credit for the performance. The writer, the filmmaker, and the cinematographer, the actress said.

Regarding the debate surrounding the movie, Our video is about females who are drugged, indoctrinated, raped, forced pregnant and then raped again by numerous individuals at times, human trafficked, the kid they give is taken away, and they are turned into suicide bombers, according to Adah.

It is a matter of life and death! For the minority who claim it is propaganda, I suppose they will change their minds after seeing the movie and learning the truth.

The film’s creators have also lately changed their tune from emphasizing the data, saying that the emphasis “should not be on the numbers, but on the story.” Sudipto Sen, the film’s director, claimed in a recent interview that the video never stated that 32,000 women from Kerala were forced to join ISIS, only that they were “converted.”

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