Rangila Toka – A New Experiment in Odia Cinema


By Himanshu Guru: In a time when most of the Odia films are made as a ‘frame to frame copy’ of some sort of south Indian films, Oscar Movies Productions’ recently released Comedy genre Odia film ‘Rangila Toka’ seems to have started a new era in the history of Odia films. It does not matter whether the movie was copied from any South Indian flick or not. But, definitely, it gave the audience a reason to laugh.

The X-factor in ‘Rangila Toka’ is – A comedian is the lead character of the film. Interestingly, the concept has been well accepted by the audience and the film has become a smash hit. In addition, it stars a big band of comedians including Rajib and Jivan panda, which is also a unique feature.

Papu Pom Pom, who had undertaken a long journey from TV show “Xcuse Me” to the recent blockbuster “Rangila Toka”, has done a great job in the film.

“Kajjwala purita nayana jugala, otha-naali khili paana, Rajahansi boli slow slow chaali kini neigala mana, Bajei delaa se thiaa odhaniki, chhatire pashilaa rakka, Taa bou, vidyaaraana pateibi taaku, mu paraa rangilaa tokaa”, are the famous words uttered by Papu in his own creative comic style providing ample scope to the audience for Laugh Out Louder (LOL).

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The audience, which always got copied films, has given a big ‘thumbs up’ to this experimental  film. They have conveyed the message to the Ollywood biggies that if the film has ample scope for entertainment, entertainment and entertainment, they will be happier to watch it even though it’s not original.

Secondly, credit goes to Papu Pom Pom, who proved himself as a bigger crowd-puller despite presence of a veteran like Sidhant Mahapatra in the film. It is obvious that often people find the entertainment factor in the female actors in a film, as they are the colorful butterflies with weapons like item song, sex, skin show and several other elements. But Papu has again proved it wrong and played a better innings, even in this nexus.

‘Rangila Toka’ is the fourth presentation from Oscar Movies that stars Papu Pom Pom, Sidhant Mohapatra, Devjani and others. The film is directed by K. Murali Krishna, produced by Pravash Rout and the story is by Munna Patra. Lyrics of the tracks have been penned by Nirmal Nayak and music of the film is by Abhijit Majumdar.

The film is a complete package of action, emotion, love and comedy but at the top of all, comedy is the main fuel to ignite the audience. The movie is doing exceptionally well.

‘The News Insight’ congratulates the whole team of ‘Rangila Toka’ for their outstanding performance and wishes all the in their future endeavour.

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